About Tracey

Tracey completed her degree at the University of the Free State. Shortly after this she practised as an OT in various hospital settings in the United Kingdom.

On her return, she decided to pursue her special interest in working with children, their families and educators to promote participation and engagement in everyday activities in the home and school settings.

Before joining OT360, Tracey successfully managed her own school based paediatric practice for 12 years. She has extensive experience in treating children with a wide variety of challenges including sensory processing disorders, motor and coordination difficulties and developmental delays. She believes in collaborating actively with educators and multidisciplinary team members.

Tracey is passionate about sensory processing and early development. She firmly believes that early intervention is an important key to empower each child in reaching their highest potential.

Tracey has a Sensory Integration Certification. She is a protocol marker in the process of occupational therapists becoming Certified as Sensory Integration Therapists. She is a Tomatis Level 1 practitioner.

What her OT360 colleagues say about her:

Tracey is a passionate clinician and strives for continuing her professional development. She is highly organized, thorough and professional. Her calm and warm nature makes her very approachable and she is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise.