About OT360

At OT360, we support people with various needs to improve their sensory, motor and cognitive skills.

Together with promoting a Growth Mind-set, we aim to enhance self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

"Our OT is warm and enthusiastic. My son looks forward to every session with her. She incorporates efficient techniques that have visible effects, while at the same time ensuring that my child feels safe and happy. She has made a big difference in my son’s life and we appreciate her intuitive and knowledgeable approach."



“My child would not have made such amazing progress without the care, attention and professionalism of his OT and the practice as a whole.”


She’s an energetic and passionate visionary who believes in the potential of..

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She’s always mindful of others and is able to remain focused, thorough and analytical..

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Tracey is passionate about sensory processing and early development..

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Simone has a supportive and fun approach to therapy. She is warm, patient and connects..

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Andrea has a keen interest in working with children with Sensory Processing difficulties..

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After graduating from UCT, Zoë completed her community service in the Eastern Cape.

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Tasneem completed her studies at the University of Cape Town before embarking on her...

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After graduating from the University of the Western Cape, Carlé did her community...

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