Assistive Devices can support a child to perform more optimally in their school and home environments. Assistive devices include pencil grips, thera-band elastic, disc o’ sit cushions, move’n sit cushions, gym balls, letter and number tracing boards.

  • A pencil grip may support a child with a poor pencil grip to hold the pencil with a more functional tripod grip.
  • Thera-band elastic is wrapped around the legs of a chair so that a child can kick against it. The resistance this offers may support the child to remain alert and focussed.
  • The disc o’ sit cushions and move’n sit cushions are blown up with air. This offers the child some movement whilst sitting thereby hopefully decreasing fidgeting and their need to get up off the chair. This can support their level of alertness and ability to remain focussed.
  • Sitting on a ball instead of a chair can provide more sensory input and stimulate core muscle strength. It can also provide a sense of movement and support a more alert state.
  • Number and letter trace boards assist a child with forming the numbers and letters correctly.