About Norma

After graduating from UWC, Norma embarked on her career working in a school for children with physical and learning difficulties. She was also a partner in a private practice treating children with a range of sensory processing challenges, motor coordination and learning difficulties. Following this, she pursued her career abroad where she sought to gain further experience, knowledge and skills working with children in the U.S.A. and then moved to the U.K. for the next 23 years. She obtained her Ayres Sensory Integration® Certification and her Bobath/Neurodevelopmental training whilst in the UK. She returned to South Africa in 2020.

Norma believes in collaboratively working with parents, schools and other involved professionals. She strives to promote each child’s function and enhance their engagement in meaningful daily tasks.

What her OT360 colleagues say about her:

Norma is highly skilled and experienced with a wealth of knowledge. She is warm, approachable and has a good sense of humour which enables her to connect well with children. Norma is passionate about her work.