About Andrea

After graduating from UCT, Andrea ventured back to her homelands in KwaZulu Natal where she completed her community service. She spent some time travelling overseas. When she returned she joined a paediatric private practice where she discovered her passion for working with children.

She believes in the importance of developing good therapeutic relationships with children and incorporating their strengths into their therapy sessions in order to work towards functional goals. Andrea has a keen interest in working with children with Sensory Processing difficulties and is in the final stages of completing her Sensory Integration training.

She is also passionate about working with children with physical challenges and more severe special needs, as she believes in the importance of assisting children in reaching their full potential.

What her OT360 colleagues say about her:

Andrea has a warm and engaging way with children. She naturally guides and supports them while still challenging them to reach their full potential. She is knowledgeable, approachable, fun and energetic.